Our Program

Establish a platform that engages and connects politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, urbanists, architects, the business community, and civil society in order to identify and help implement new strategies and innovation for sustainable urban development.

A better future for both humans and the planet demands meaningful practices of leadership and collaboration, starting with the places we live: the cities. We need conscious, shared purpose and innovative action from committed citizens.

RISE Cities is a BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt created program to advance Responsible Leadership in Cities and global knowledge of resilient, intelligent, sustainable, and equitable (RISE) cities. 

RISE identifies urban challenges and facilitates mutual learning to support the development of solutions in local ecosystems. The empowerment of Responsible Leaders will unlock the transformative power of cities and accelerate the sustainable transformation towards a just and resilient future. 

RISE Fellowship Program


Mobilization and empowerment of responsible leadership capacities of city stakeholders to catalyze sustainable urban transformation.

RISE Future Visions 2050


Collective production of knowledge about future trends and prospects based on the RISE metrics. 

RISE City Labs

At the heart of our program are the RISE City Labs. Over a period of six to nine months, the Lab brings together citizens and decision-makers to share views and ideas on how to make cities more resilient, intelligent, sustainable, and equitable. Bottom-up meets top-down in a dialogue aimed at solving urban challenges driven by our holistic mobility perspective. The program involves all relevant stakeholders in a three-step process: activate all relevant stakeholders, including city governments, corporates, and citizens; engineer collaborative solutions together with corporates and/or start-ups; and iterate the dissemination of findings and results to help implement and scale the solutions.

Official partners RISE City Lab Munich 2021:  Gehl, Frei-RAUM Viertel, Munich Urban Colab, Update Deutschland and City of Munich.



Through the RISE City Labs, the most important actors in city administration, local stakeholders, and citizens are activated to engage with pressing issues and inspired to assume Responsible Leadership. Crucial elements of this phase are listening to and learning from each other; data analytics also play a key role in helping us understand the needs of citizens and stakeholders and arrive at suitable solutions.



This phase starts with a visionary look at potential solutions  in other cities around the globe, applying also the lens of our RISE metric for cities. Innovative solutions developed by start-ups, corporates, social enterprises, etc. will be tested in pilot projects during the RISE City Labs. The roadmap for local solutions is flanked with cross-sector collaboration between various stakeholders and the city administration.



All local actors involved will evaluate the findings, which serve as a guidance for their permanent implementation and potential scaling. Impact will be measured by documenting the findings, including aspects such as political feasibility and ongoing stakeholder engagement. The outcomes are shared with the public and with this each local RISE City Lab is advancing global knowledge for local solutions and  strengthens international networks and communities of city experts.